Street Entrepreneurialism. The study and application of fair trade and Hip Hop business management. Commonly referred to as street trade, having game, the natural salesman, or the smooth diplomat. It is the readiness to engage in the creation of a business venture that brings about grassroots business practices.

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This point of view of Street Entrepreneurialism is an expression of Dean Verdant. A self-educated, self-motivated and self-sustained Street Entrepreneur. With over 40-years of Street Entrepreneurialism experience and errs. Alongside, over 30-years of experience across for-profit and non-profit sectors, specialising in sales and marketing, strategic development, event organising and fundraising.


Purpose-built to produce and promote unique and urban problem-solving products and services. In order to engage, educate, enlighten and empower Young Street Entrepreneurs. Primarily (though not exclusively) those Young People described as, or at risk of being labelled NEET. 

Street Entrepreneurialism perspective of London

You must look within for value, but must look beyond for perspective

Denis Waitley


Roots and culture of Street Entrepreneurialism by

Gustave and Linda Verdant, of St. Lucian descent, had two boys (Earl and Dean). Gustave, a Post Man, attended evening courses to study Tailoring . In January 1979, Gustave died aged 38, after suddenly falling critically ill with Acute Pneumonia, eleven days after Dean’s ninth Birthday (Earl, aged 10).


Linda (aged 38), left career as Hairdresser with no compunction to raise her boys. Taking jobs as sewing machinist, factory worker and cleaner to ensure boys’ needs always met. Today, in mid-70s, Linda personifies ‘Woman of Strength’, by her strong work ethic, God-fearing nature, and divine lifework to raise her Black Boys into Black Men.

First the stalk – then the roots. First the need – then the means to satisfy that need. First the nucleus – then the elements needed for its growth

Robert Collier


Education without morals is like a ship without a compass, merely wandering nowhere.

Martin Luther King Jr.

For Black Boys born in the early ‘70s, Black Male role-models were at a premium. Though the ‘60s Civil Rights Movement, stirred winds of change, bringing new role models, such as: Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.; Mohamed Ali and Pele; Bob Marley and Jackson Five; and Sydney Poitier and Richard Rowntree (a.k.a. John Shaft). This new wave of Black Male icons paved the way for most, if not all of today’s Black celebrities, breaking down racial barriers and bigotry across human rights, entertainment, sport, etc.


Late ‘70s, Hip Hop's emergence from America, swept across the UK. Hiphop is a movement of collective consciousness that conveys urban voice and expressions. Thus, influencing social commentary and awareness (i.e. politics, socio-economics, Afrocentrism, etc.) In May 2001, 'HipHop Declaration of Peace' was presented to the United Nations, recognising Hip-Hop as an international culture of peace and prosperity. Today, a global  industry, HipHop generates over $50 Billion per year, transcending ghetto fabulous to billionaire bling.

Street Entrepreneurialism 70's Black Icons by

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X


Street Entrepreneurialism by

Today, too many Young People are identified and classified ‘NEET’, which describes people aged 16-to-24 with no education, employment or training. The acronym was first used in the UK, in the late ‘90s, though since spread to other countries, most notably US, Canada and Japan. The term discriminates and perpetuates low self-esteem amongst Young People that tend to already be disadvantaged and underprivileged. As a pun, it exudes cynicism and derision, yet poses the ironic question; "Why would anyone define Young People as ‘skilled’, ‘smart’ or ‘methodical’, when in truth they have no education, employment or training?"


Street Entrepreneurialism provides effective and efficient ways and means to engage, educate, enlighten and empower Young People, especially those with no education, employment or training.


Thus, enable and encourage those that are aspiring Street Entrepreneurs to develop into Accredited Street Entrepreneurialism Technicians (ASETs). In doing so, produce and promote intuit wisdom, wellness, worth and wealth. And, ensure Hiphop Kulture and Street Entrepreneurialism is consistently presented in a positive light.


In conclusion, take a stand and raise awareness against the use and acceptance of the term NEET. This covertly derogatory remark should be removed and refrained from common and bureaucratic use.

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence

Denis Waitley


Dean Verdant

Street Entrepreneur, Author, Authority, Advocate, Father


Purpose and passion to devise, develop, drive and deliver unique self-sufficient and self-sustainable Street Entrepreneurialism businesses and brands. Purpose-built to produce and promote unique problem-solving Street Entrepreneurialism products and services. In order to engage, educate, enlighten and empower Young Street Entrepreneurs.


Engage, educate, enlighten and empower Young Street Entrepreneurs. Especially those Young People described as, or at risk of being labelled NEET. In order to build their own unique and urban Street Entrepreneurialism businesses and brands from self-starter to success.


Earn and edify Street Entrepreneurialism wisdom, wellbeing, worth and wealth. In doing so, help others to do the same. Thus, tackle increasing number of NEETs in the UK. i.e. Young People (aged 16-to-24) identified as, or at risk of being labelled as having no education, employment or training. Primarily (though not exclusively) those Young People from ethnic minority groups and urban backgrounds.


Become an accomplished Author, Authority and Advocate of Street Entrepreneurialism by end of 2020. In doing so, earn in excess of £4,000 passive and residual monthly income by end of 2018.


Guiding principles and philosophy of Street Entrepreneurialism are underpinned and upheld in accord with the original principles of Hiphop Kulture, which are: Peace, Love, Unity and Safely Having Fun.


Wisdom, Wellbeing, Worth and Wealth: four principle pillars that govern policy to produce and promote problem-solving Street Entrepreneurialism products and services as elemental expressions of Hiphop.

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Each One Teach One

African-American proverb


James and Jay


Dedicated and dynamic Street Entrepreneurs that are family and friends with a shared purpose to devise, develop, drive and deliver unique problem-solving Street Entrepreneurialism products and services. Purpose-built to produce and promote wisdom, wellbeing, worth and wealth. In doing so, help others to do the same.


Self-educated, self-motivated and self-sustained in order to express and edify over 40 years of unique and urban knowledge, skills and experience of Street Entrepreneurialism.


Guiding philosophies are: “Love what you do and do what you Love”; “Each One Teach One”; and The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would like done unto you”. These philosophies are applied and adhered to in order to effectively and consistently produce and promote Street Entrepreneurialism.

The more credit you give away, the more will come back to you. The more you help others, the more they will want to help you

Brian Tracy


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It is not possible for one to teach others who cannot teach his own family



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James Osuoha


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Caroline Verdant



Jasmyn Verdant


Don't concern yourself with the money. Be of service... build... work... dream... create!
Do this and you'll find there is no limit to the prosperity and abundance that will come to you.

Earl Nightingale

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Dean Verdant



Dean Chillmaid

Owner, Spacehopper Design

Testimonial by Dean Chillmaid at Spacehopper Design

"Dean is an articulate, considered and eloquent communicator who strives to get the best out of those he works alongside. He has a positive, upbeat aura and persona - key attributes in his chosen field. I have enjoyed working with Dean on numerous projects and designing his varied briefs, and anticipate a fruitful future working relationship."

Abdul RAMMY Visions

Owner, RAMMY Visions

Testimonial from Abdul RAMMY Visions, Owner at RAMMY Visions

"Dean completely amazed me. He was eager to learn about my projects, and very professional. He agreed to meet me weekly for an hour to learn about and advise me on how i would run my production company. Dean suggested a strict business model that would allow me and my partner to understand who our target market was an how to guarantee and maintain a lifelong relationship. Dean gave me something completely different, refreshing, and unexpected--he laid out the foundation for a new strategy focusing on my personal strengths. In short, he shocked me. I cannot over emphasize the importance of his breakthrough approach. He is a rare breed of entrepreneur, an outstanding thought leader, and business savvy and his advice was tactful, spot on, and more importantly worked. Dean always sees the big picture and he has the synergy to plug you and your organization right in to where you need to be."

Leigh Ashton

Co-Founder, Sasudi

Testimonial for by Leigh Ashton, Co-Founder of

"Dean was a joy to work with. His commitment to achieving the company objectives was outstanding and his focus was always to improve his game in order to achieve more results. Since leaving The Sales Consultancy Dean and I have remained in contact and this commitment to success is unfaltering in everything he does. I would strongly recommend Dean as a person of integrity, commitment and a thoroughly nice chap!"

Massimiliano Guelfi

In-house Editor, Rede Record

Testimonial for by Massimilano Guelfi

Dean is a great person to work with. He is an invaluable member of our team at Documentary Filmmakers Cooperative. I consider him a highly motivated individual always committed to achieve the common goal. I would definitely recommend Dean as a person of integrity, energy and commitment.

John Waters

Technical Director, In Control Partnerships

Testimonial for by John Water of In Control Partnership

"Dean would fit as a key member of any dynamic team, a highly motivated individual possessing exceptional levels of entrepreneurial prowess; dean shows a burning desire to learn and a passion to succeed. Supplemented with a philanthropic commitment to establish our Community Fund Holding approach combined his mission to pioneer community entrepreneurship; and thus, initiate and realise social change and capital."

Vlad Soriano


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